Audi Quattro WR 1981

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Rok, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Rok Member

    the pull rod is NLA...

    so i removed the handbrake mech....

    ...and found out that somebody has been here before me...

  2. SorenR Member

    437 711 345 A (F >> 85 C 902 000) = ca. 6 euro
    857 711 345 A (F 85 D 900 001 >>) = NLA
  3. mikes2 Member

  4. Rok Member

    tnx, i think i will order it...

    meanwhile, cables connected, brakes bled, and it is back on the wheels and out of the garage the first time from end of january!

  5. Rok Member

    now tell me is there a good DIY ghetto alignment technique... a guide would be awesome :)
  6. Jim Haseltine Administrator

    There was a long and heated discussion on the Audifans mailing list a good few years ago which started out talking about what some US listed called 'spider bite' from Torsen cars which them moved on to where one person reckoned he could align his car adequately using chalk lines on his garage floor, axle stands and string.
    Phil Payne was most scathing in his replies but the guy insisted his technique was ok. After serveal weeks the discussion started to include adding sandbag ballast to give the effect of a driver in the car at which point I got very bored.
  7. Rok Member


    im not searching for a perfect alignment, but it is way off now, it would destroy the tyres just on the way to the alignment shop.

    is the track (dunno if it is the right definition) the same front and rear, or do i have to use some spacers when using a string?
  8. Jim Haseltine Administrator

    I believe the track is the same.
    If all you're trying for is a rough setting, tracking the front and rear separately will be ok for starters. I have a metal rod with an adjustable fitting at one end which I use to set the front and rear edges of rims the same distance apart.
  9. SorenR Member

  10. SorenR Member

    Hmm... Also found this...

    I presume, once you have the initial "environment" in place (tiles, salt/grease etc) it should be a walk in the park :)
  11. Rok Member

    intereseting, would be really cool to have this set up in the garage... i will think about it...

    meanwhile, the car was so full of dust, it really needed a good clean up


    the parts i took for zinc coating are still not finished, so i cant start putting the engine parts back on, but i have some wiring repairs to make, and to reassemble the doors mechanism...
  12. SorenR Member

    Forgot the excel sheet for calculating toe... Can also be used to calculate camber if used vertically ;-)

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  13. Rok Member

    i think i will use this technique to set the toe, and then drive to the alignment shop...
  14. Rok Member

    well while waiting for the parts from the zinc coating to arrive, i have set the toe quite right, tightened all the wishbone bolts, and set the handbrake...

    this is what remains to be installed...

  15. Rok Member


    from when i installed the new engine mount, i wonder if there is any correct way to align the engine?
  16. chezz Member

    There is a procedure for tightening the wishbones, are you aware of it?...the bushes can be damaged/torn if you have not followed it.
  17. JimH Administrator

    For engine alignment, see:-
    Should only be required if engine and gearbox have been removed, but worth checking while you're there.

    Wishbone - subframe bushes, just have the weight of the car on it's wheels when you tighten them (so the bush is not under stress in it's "normal" position).
  18. Rok Member

    I didn't know of any special procedure, just that the car has to be on the ground. Sadly this car is so high, that I had no problems laying under it to tighten the bolts :)
  19. Rok Member

    Thanx For the link. The gearbox has not been removed, but the engine was. I can see the engine is not in the same place as it was before I changed the mounts by the signs left by the washer on the engine bracket...
  20. chezz Member

    Moderators, Moderators!!! Roks ' having me off ' I see you've settled in well Rok lol!

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